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Cat Cormany "preaches that gospel" of fitness to all of her classes

Jen and Cat

Fitness changed Cat Cormany's life, and she tries to "preach that gospel" to all of her classes.

Cormany is a cardio kickboxing instructor at the Harrisburg Area YMCA.

Listen here for her extended interview about her philosophy of fitness and what happens in a kickboxing class.

“It’s not about being skinny,” she said. “It’s not about what other people think of how you look or what dress size you’re wearing. Fitness is from the inside out. It’s about healthy living, healthy mind, body and spirit, and I try and bring that to all my classes.”

Cormany said cardio kickboxing is an amazing sport and that research has shown participants can burn up to eight calories per minute. Over 45 minutes, that’s the equivalent of a five-mile run.

Benefits for a class include improved stamina and muscle tone, stress release and weight loss. And for seniors, Cormany said, kickboxing can improve balance and reaction time, increasing overall wellness and quality of life. Kickboxing moves can also be modified for people with physical challenges, such as bad knees or back problems.

You can find out more about Cat Cormany on Facebook at ZumbaWithCat.