Nikki Colucci

Special guest

Nikki Colucci is a POUND fitness instructor at the East Shore YMCA of Harrisburg and Omni Fitness. She also teaches High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). She is a wellness teacher at Spring Grove Middle School, where she has taught since 2016. Prior to that she taught health, physical education and family consumer science at the Jersey Shore Area School District. Nikki graduated from Lock Haven University in with a degree in Health and Physical Education with a minor in Community Health, and holds a Master’s degree from Lock Haven in Teaching and Learning.

Nikki loves being active in the outdoors, especially kayaking, hiking, biking and group sports. She also enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening, lifting, walking her dog and ice cream. She said, “Trying new food puts a smile on my face - You have to try everything ONCE!”

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