Megan Dapp

Co-Host of Fit This in

Megan is 35 and lives in a small town outside Harrisburg. She loves carbs, a nice glass of red wine and loathes the treadmill. She is married with two kids who are her everything. She is consistently schlepping her kids and their gear to their various activities, so finding the time to fit anything in is a challenge. Many moons ago, she was a college basketball player who spent the majority of her four years in a gymnasium or weight room, but she has struggled to find that replacement in her life. She is the queen of fad diets and fitness trends, but admittedly a commitment phobe. She makes it through the designated time frame and shelves it for all eternity. She is hoping to try something new and stick to it throughout this journey to wellness!

Megan Dapp has hosted 12 Episodes.